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Tips for Moving With a Pet

Tips for Moving With a Pet

Whether you are moving a few blocks away or across the country, preparing for a move can be stressful for you and your pets! Check out the following tips to learn what you need to do before the big day.

Check the Bylaws and Local Ordinances of Your New Community

When moving with a pet, it is important to do your research beforehand. Many communities have a wide variety of restrictions put in place regarding pets. For example, if you are moving to an apartment community, check with the complex to make sure they allow the type of pet you have. Another thing to keep in mind is that some neighborhoods may have a weight restriction on pets or certain breeds may not be permitted to reside in the community. So, before signing the lease, make sure to do your homework to avoid the risk of finding out later that your pet is not permitted in the community.

Schedule a Visit With the Vet Before Moving

Before moving to your new home, you should take your pet to the vet to make sure they are up to date on all of their vaccinations, get all medications they need and obtain a copy of their medical records. Once you and your pet have gotten settled into your new home, create a list of veterinarians in your new community and schedule an appointment for a visit. It may be helpful to talk with your new neighbors for recommendations of local vets.

Update Contact Information

Make sure the information on your pets ID tag is current and if your pet has a microchip ID, it is important that you update this information as well. Found Animals is one of the places available where you can update your pet’s contact info. Thankfully, technology makes it much easier to locate a lost pet, but in order for the microchip to work effectively, the contact information must be current.

Make sure the information on your pets ID tag is current and if your pet has a microchip ID, it is important that you update this information as well.

Arrange for Pets to Stay With Friends or at a Kennel on Moving Day

On moving day, there will be a lot of people coming in and going out of the house. All of the extra movement and noise while moving can create a stressful environment for pets. If possible, ask a friend or family member if your pet can stay with them on moving day. If there is no one available, consider letting them stay at a kennel for the day. Arranging for your pet to be out of the home during the move will not only help to keep them calm but will also ensure they get their food, walked and any scheduled medicine.

Keep Pets in Mind When Creating a New Home

It is important to keep your pet in mind when you are searching for a new home. Before taking your pet to your new home, make sure you have all of the things ready for them, such as their bedding, favorite toys and food. It will make it easier for your pet to adjust to their new surroundings when they have all of their familiar items around them.

Even with their favorite toy and familiar bedding, a new environment may be overwhelming for your pet. Make sure to give a lot of extra attention and don’t forget to find a local dog park so your pet can get outside for their exercise and maybe meet some new neighbors.

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